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The Maddensnap bylaws are intended to provide guidelines for league and site conduct as well as procedures for progressing through the challenge system.  Bylaws should be reviewed prior to pre-registering so that prospect players have the option to agree or disagree prior to requesting to join the League. Bylaws will be strictly enforced by Maddensnap staff and there will be a zero tolerance for violations. All players in the Maddensnap league are considered professionals and we expect all players to conduct themselves as professionals.  Maddensnap does not honor conditions or rules published outside of the Maddensnap bylaws. Furthermore, the bylaws do not reflect all possible rules or procedures . Maddensnap has the right to add , remove or modify any portion of the bylaws at any time, these changes would be implemented in cases where the league players and/or league staff overwhelmingly see a fit change .

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Maddensnap is a game of skill betting site . "Game of skill" means that the outcome of the game is closely associated to the skill level of the players and the odds of winning will favor the player with a higher skill level. Each player must make their own judgment of their skill level. Interested players should consider their skill level in reference to the games they wish to compete in prior to competing . The Maddensnap staff has no way of determining a player’s skill level prior to the player joining the maddensnap league. It is not the business of the Maddensnap league to profit from players that consistently lose  challenges.  Maddensnap considers all registered players “professional” and holds each player accountable for their decisions to compete but nevertheless the Maddensnap staff has the right to remove players deemed “amateur” due to excessive consecutive losses .

Participation within the United States of America (U.S.) Participation in fee-based tournaments for prizes is prohibited in the following U.S. states, without limitation:   Alaska Arizona Delaware Iowa, Maryland North Dakota Tennessee Vermont   Laws constantly change, check your state’s laws even if not listed above .   VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW. Participation outside the U.S.   Participation in fee-based tournaments for prizes may be prohibited in your jurisdiction and it is your sole responsibility to ensure compliance with such laws. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW.   When registering with Maddensnap you agree to the following :   You agree to performing your due diligence towards determining if "game of skill" betting is allowed in your jurisdiction. Maddensnap staff , designers, nor developers can not be held accountable for violations committed due to lack of  knowledge in regards to the gambling laws of your jurisdiction. As always , with any sort of betting, All participation with Maddensnap is within your own will and at your own risk. Deposits made to Maddensnap grant access to site features that are normally restricted for players with a zero balance , for this reason , deposits are non refundable and money can only be withdrawn via the site withdraw process. The maddensnap Ledger that pertains to your account may reflect a monetary value equating to the paypal deposits you make and "assumed" winnings. Maddensnap has the right to withold "assumed" winnings, or overturn "assumed" winnings if any portion of the bylaws are violated. Maddensnap also has the right to overturn backdated "assumed" winnings if issues come to light in the present, that occured in the past, with no limitation to dates or time frames. A player has no rights to "assumed" winnings until "assumed" winnings are released to said player via withdraw. Withdraws are subject to approval and Maddensnap does not guareentee approval, although the majority of withdraw request are approved. The process of a withdraw approval may take as long as Maddensnap staff deems necessary to assure that a players "assumed" winnings derived from fair play and fall within the guidelines of these bylaws.   Maddensnap staff,designers or developers are in no way affiliated with EA Sports, John Madden, Madden football franchise or the NFL. Maddensnap staff,designers or developers are in no way affiliated with any publishers,developers,or designers of games mentioned or depicted on the Maddensnap site.  All Maddensnap profits derive from the fees associated with using the challenge system, in no way does Maddensnap profit from Ea sports, Madden Football , or any other Games depicted on the Maddensnap site.  

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NOTE :All league fees are deducted from winnings.


League fees are as follows:


Winnings that equate to less than $3.00 / $.50 League fee

Winnings that equate to $3.01 to $7.00 / $1.00 League fee

Winnings that equate to more than $7.00 / %14 League fee



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Players interested in joining the Maddensnap league must pre-register at via the pre-registration link. All players are pre-screened and must meet the following requirements.



NOTE:  These requirements are subject to change without notice.

pre-registered players will be notified via email if they meet the requirements and their is a slot available. 



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Use the appropriate contacts for corresponding with Maddensnap staff:


Questions, comments, concerns about the site :

complaints or disputes about players,games or conduct :

Deposits, balances, withdraws:

To advertise on the chat banners :

earn cash by recruiting players

business relations:


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Site conduct


Maddensnap players are professionals and just like real world professional sports, what is done off the site can get them jammed up in the league.

Players are subject to fines,suspension,or expulsion from the league when they violate the following rules:

NOTE:  infractions are not limited to this list. At anytime rules can be added or removed from this list.









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The Maddensnap site is themed around Madden football but the system can facilitate  bets for any competitive game . If there is a desire to compete in games other than Madden football, players can use the Maddensnap system and simply specify the name of the desired game in the note section of the "create challenge" form.  When playing non Madden football games  on Maddensnap,

NOTE:  The Maddensnap staff will only enforce scores . The highest score wins for any sort of game , this means Maddensnap will not enforce settings, rules, or any special arrangements. If a dispute is triggered for a non madden game and the dispute is not related to the score , We will only honor the higher score. Score must be submitted via screen shot if both players fail to agree on who one via the report process.

NOTE: Players that desire to have explicit game rules enforced must contact a referee prior to creating a challenge, inform the referee of all explicit details, and if the referee approves the challenge can be created.


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The option to make a deposit is on the menu accessed via the locker room at the bottom of the screen under the chat input field.

Maddensnap requires that all players maintain a balance greater than “0”. Players with a balance of “0” will be restricted from using the chat and the challenge systems.  this requirement is subject to change at anytime.

Maddensnap uses Paypal for all transactions . Paypal facilitates paypal users and guest. Credit card transactions can be accommodated via paypal.



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Create a challenge



The option to create a challenge is on the menu accessed via the locker room.

The option to create a challenge is available for players that have balances greater than Zero , if a player has a balance equal to zero the "create a challenge" option will not be available.

The “ Create a challenge ” form consist of the following fields :

Console- Select the console that the challenge will be played on, if the console desired is not on the list , select “ other ” and specify the console name in the “custom details” area of the “ Create a challenge ” form.

Game time- Select duration of game play for the challenge , if the duration desired is not on list , select “ other ” and specify  the duration in the “custom details” area of the  “ Create a challenge ” form.


Maddensnap rules?- A player should select “Yes” if it is  desired to follow default rules listed in the “gameplay” section of these bylaws. Players that wish to play with custom rules should select  “No”. Players wishing to play with custom rules must list the custom details in the “Custom details “ area of the“ Create a challenge ” form.


Balance before this bet - This reflects the amount of cash in the players maddensnap account available for bets.Prior to making this bet.


Bet amount- The player must select the amount of cash desired to put up for the bet.


name of game- Players must indicate the name of the  game desired to play .


custom details- Players must use this field to indicate any desired custom rules or game settings which were not available as a option.


Accept league terms and bylaws - Players are required to accept the terms of the bylaws before finalizing the " create a challenge " process.


EXAMPLE: If a host  sets a “Bet amount” at $10, the host account will be debited $10 after submitting the " create a challenge " form , once a challenger accepts the challenge , the challenger account will be debited $10, in total $20 will be the challenge winnings.


NOTE: Attempting to make a bet greater than what is available in balance is Prohibited.



NOTE: Games other than Madden should be specified in the note field under “name of game” . Refer to the previous section “GAMES” for more details on playing games other than Madden.


Once a challenge has successfully gone thru the "Create a challenge" process it will be announced in the main chat area and it will post in the public area where it can be accepted by other players.


NOTE:  Maddensnap staff will only enforce details that are  submitted on the "Create a challenge" form or is recorded with a referee.



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Accept a challenge


The option to accept a challenge is on the menu accessed via the locker room.

The option to accept a challenge is available for players that have balances greater than Zero , if a player has a balance equal to zero the "create a challenge" option will not be available.

. When accepting a challenge the player should review all details pertaining to the challenge. If there is  uncertainty about a setting , the player should contact the hosting player or a referee via chat  for clarification. A challenge should never be accepted if there is any uncertainty in the settings.

Once the player accepts the challenge , the player must contact the hosting player and arrange the meeting time for the game to be played. 

At the end of the accept challenge process the bet amount is deducted from the challenger account and held in escrow until the “Match result” process.


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No show

No show can be submitted after 30 minutes has passed since the challenge was accepted and the opponent has not responded to the attempts that you made to contact him/her. The following steps must be followed precisely, within 30 minutes after the challenge has been accepted in order to claim a valid win from a no show.

  1. Attempt to contact the player one time publicly by posting in the Maddensnap chat room.

  2. Attempt to send the player a private message one time via the Maddensnap messaging system by going to Locker room- roster - then, search for the player by Maddensnap username (not gamertag) and then send a private message.

  3. SCREENSHOT THIS STEP: Attempt to contact the player one time on the gaming network specific to your match (Xboxlive or Playstation network) the opponent gamertag can be found on the roster in locker room.

IMPORTANT: All 3 contact methods must be attempted.

  • If 30 minutes pass and the player fails to respond to the above attempts. Submit the report to reflect that you won just like any other normal win but set the score 0. Go to the roster in the locker room find referee_lvl_1 and send this message "opponent failed to respond within 30 minutes (match id)", look at the report form to get the match id. At this point the system will finalize the result in 3 hours from the match being accepted.

  • If the opponent responds after you have reported the win, you can not play the opponent UNLESS a referee approves. Otherwise, a new match needs to be created via the normal process.

  • If both players fail to communicate WITHIN 30 minutes after the match is accepted, but at some point one of the players begins to communicate, a new 30 minute time frame begins, beginning at the time of first communication. At this point, the first communicating player will follow the steps from the beginning of this section.

IMPORTANT: Keep the following in mind throughout all of the process mentioned above. Match reports expire 3 hours after the match has been accepted, this time does not extend for any reason. If the match report expires both players are refunded the bets minus the match fee.
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Cancel a challenge


The option to cancel a challenge is on the menu accessed via the locker room.


NOTE:  Canceled challenges will refund the player without a league fee.


If a player accepts a challenge before it is canceled it can not be canceled via the steps above. Any challenges desired to be canceled after it has been accepted must be submitted to a referee via chat prior to kick off. The fees for canceling a challenge after kick off are as follow:




In either case mentioned above , the request for cancellation must be submitted to a referee via chat before kick-off. The request will be honored regardless if there is a immediate reply from a referee or not.( request are time logged).

Request for a cancellation submitted to a referee is final regardless of a referee response or not .

NOTE: Once a cancellation request is sent to a referee the challenge can not continue regardless of if the referee responds or not.

Request for cancellation after kick off will be Voided and the challenge reverts to “gameplay” rules.



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All players registered in the Maddensnap league must have a valid gamertag on file prior to accepting or creating challenges . The gamertag must be a valid gamertag registered with Xbox Live or Playstation network. When playing a Maddensnap challenge players must use the gamertags that are on file with Maddensnap. If a player participates in a challenge with a unregistered gamertag that player will receive a automatic forfeit. Players are prohibited from registering gamertags that do not belong to them.


Rules defined in this section are considered "Maddensnap rules" which are referenced on the " Create a challenge" form, rules not listed here are considered “Custom Rules” and they should be noted explicitly in the “Custom Rule” section of the “Create a Challenge” form or on record with a referee via chat.


Madden Football default rules:



No customs play-books .

It is prohibited to manipulate in game mechanics, perform glitches, perform feats that are humanly impossible in real world football,Un-ethical gameplay or the constant use of unstopable plays in a manner which is clearly excessive.

Disconnect Glitch, I.P. Flooding, Induced Lag, Hitching, Excessive Grieving, etc. Players that maliciously disrupt a game will be banned from the league. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Players can only pause the game when on the play selection screen.

excessive pauses are prohibited.

screen shot or video record any issues during game play, do not stop the game. If the issue is a rule infraction complete the challenge and take the proper steps to submit a dispute during the “challenge report “ process.

If the winner of a challenge has a dispute, contact a referee , winners should not use the dispute process during “challenge report” . The dispute process is for the player that loses a game and hopes to overturn the loss by presenting evidence of a rules infraction.

NOTE:It is both players responsibility for insuring that the game is played with the correct settings.ALWAYS WATCH THE SETTINGS THAT YOUR OPPONENT APPLIES, If the host witnesses the contender applying the wrong settings prior to game start, the host has the right to delay starting the game until the contender applies the settings that correspond with the challenge agreement. If the contender witnesses the host applying incorrect settings prior to game start the contender has the right to leave the game setup or refuse to "ready-up". At this point the contender can correspond with the host about applying the correct game settings. If both players can not come to an agreement as to which rules should be applied the game should be canceled and BOTH players should inform a referee about the issue. The challenge agreement will abide by either the maddensnap rules or custom rules. Maddensnap rules are followed when the creator of the challenge specifies "yes" to the "maddensnap rule set ?" question, custom rules are followed when "no" is specified for the "maddensnap rule set ? " question, and the custom rules are specified in detail in the text area which mentions "custom rules". If the custom rules text area is left empty regardless of the designation of the "custom rule set ? " question, then the match will be played under Maddensnap rules. Once the first kickoff is initiated game settings can not be disputed and the game can not be stopped by either player because of incorrect settings. The game must proceed and any player that leaves an active game because of incorrect settings will receive the loss. An active game is a game where the first kickoff has occured.


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Unexpected disconnection


The following procedures should be taken in the event of a unexpected disconnection:

If a game disconnects prior to kick-off take a screen shot and immediately attempt to restart game. Repeat this process up to 4 times allowing the host and challenger to attempt to host the challenge 2 times each. If the 4th attempt disconnects before kick-off again report the problem to a referee do not attempt to play the challenge anymore.


If a game disconnects after kick off and no one has scored  follow the procedures above.

if a game disconnects after kick-off and a player has scored, follow the procedures above and if the game proceeds play the following amount of quarters:

disconnect in 1st quarter = replay all 4 quarters.

disconnect in 2nd quarter= replay 3 quarters.

disconnect in 3rd quarter = replay 2 quarters.

disconnect in 4th quarter = replay 1 quarter.

In regards to a game where a player has scored ,if a game disconnects 4 consecutive times,each time counting as a different attempt to replay a game pertaining to the same Match ID , the 4th attempt is the last attempt. If the last attempt disconnects BOTH players must immediately message the referee and state that the match (insert the MATCH ID number) was attempted 4 times and they all disonnected. If one of the players fail to IMMEDIATELY report the incident, that player will forfeit the match and the sole player that did report will win the match. If both players succesfully report the incident, the match will be cancelled and both players will be charged half the league fee that pertains to the match and the remaining money will be split and refunded to the players


NOTE:  Always add the points from the disconnected games to the game that is finally completed.



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Reporting completed challenge


The option to report a challenge is on the menu accessed via the locker room.

At the end of each challenge all  players are required to complete a challenge report. Challenge reports must be filled out accurately. When indicating the winner of a challenge the challenge report process is expecting the name of the player that won the challenge under the terms set forth in the " Create a challenge " form  details.


 The report challenge form consist of the following fields:







A challenge which is successfully reported without a dispute  continues on to the “Report result” process.

NOTE:  The dispute option is only for challenges that have been played until the final score board and the person disputing has loss the challenge. Players should not use the dispute option if the challenge was not completed for some reason or if they won the challenge, If the challenge is not completed or the winner wants to report that the opponent violated a rule a referee must be notified immediately via chat.

NOTE: providing false information in a challenge report is prohibited.


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Important deadlines


Once a challenge is accepted by a challenger  there will be a 3 hr time frame in which the game must be played and reported. Failure to report penalties are as follows:





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Report results


When the Match Report process is completed without a dispute the following actions apply:




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Get sponsored

Maddensnap sponsors good players in 2 ways:

  1. Players that win 5 games straight are eligible for bet sponsorship until they lose. Maddensnap will cover each bet after the 5th win. During sponsorship players are considered under contract. Players under contract pay 15% of winnings to Maddensnap. Example : If a sponsored player wins a bet that totals $100 , the sponsored player receives $85 and Maddensnap receives $15 as a agent fee. Players that win 5 games straight must notify a referee before playing 6th game. Failure to notify staff before the 6th game cancels the win streaks.

  2. The bet amount covered by Maddensnap varies and it depends on the average amount established by the 5 game win streak that lead to the sponsorship.

    Example : If a player wins 5 games at these bet amounts $10,$20,$5,$1,$7, The average of those 5 amounts are $8.60. This means that Maddensnap will cover the sponsor challenges up to $8.60 . If this sponsored player was to make a $8 bet and lose the game, Maddensnap will pay the winner $8 essentially leaving the sponsored player with no obligation to pay. The sponsored player must still have the cash to make the bet, they just do not lose the money if they lose. It can also be considered a insurance bet.

  3. Players that excel in gameplay and frequently earn bet sponsorship may possibly be approached for sponsorship in real world tournaments. These details are discussed with players on individual terms.
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The dispute process is for a player that has lost the challenge and has a dispute. A player that has won a challenge but has a dispute must inform a referee via chat.


A challenge that has been sent to the dispute process must be reviewed by a referee. The referee will contact each player via chat and request evidence pertaining to the violation. Each player will be given the opportunity to submit links to their screen shots or videos. The referee will review any submitted evidence, the referee will contact the players if there are any additional questions. Once the referee has made a decision, each player will be notified via chat with one of the following actions :





NOTE: It's important to know that every violation committed may not result in a dispute being awarded, the referees have the right to declare a violation insignificant towards the final result of the challenge.



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Withdraw money


Players wishing to make  a withdraw  from their Maddensnap account can do so by submitting a request to the "Cashier"  via pm chat . In most cases the cashier responds within a hour and no later than 24 hrs. The minimum account balance  for a withdraw is $4.00 . There is a $3.00 transaction fee per withdrawal.

NOTE:  Maddensnap will deposit cash into the paypal account on file for the player.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NEW MEMBERS THAT HAVE NOT PLAYED AT LEAST 1 GAME : Due to the fact that Maddensnap is very generous with allowing guest to observe Maddensnap activity without making a deposit, Any player that makes a deposit and withdraws before playing at least one game will be subject to a $5 fee instead of $3.

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